Funeral for the old me!

Excerpt from my book “Words of Encouragement & Empowerment for Women: Your Weekly Guide to Finding Solace in the Word of God”.

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Funeral for the old me
Funeral for my past errors and mistakes
Funeral for my past failures, insecurities, and weaknesses
I am getting ready to walk in the full anointing and purpose of God for my life
I welcome and celebrate the new me
I confront my future with the confidence and boldness of God
My tomorrow will be brighter than my today
The Lord is making me brand new and it shall be well with me
I receive favor like never before from the North, the West, the East, and the South
The Lord delights in my fellowship with Him and He is ready to bless me in return; so much so that there will not be enough room to contain it (Amen)

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