Book #1

Discover Your God-Fidence: How to Discover God’s Purpose & Promises for Your Life

About this book: Have you ever been stuck in a rut financially, maritally, spiritually, professionally, personally, or in other areas of your life? Have you ever wondered or questioned your existence or the purpose and promises of God for your life? Have you ever felt confused about the direction your life is going and want answers? Have you ever wondered what moves the heart and hands of God for miracles that others have shared with you or that you have read about? If you answered Yes to at least one of these questions, this is the book for you! It is time to get a better understanding of who God created you to be by discovering the divine purpose and promises of God for your life. Happy Reading!

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Book #2

Words of Encouragement & Empowerment for Women: Your Weekly Guide to Finding Solace in the Word of God

About the book: This book was birthed through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, not only to encourage and empower women around the world, but to celebrate them for their daily sacrifices and contributions to making our world a better place. Women do not always get the credit they deserve. Being a woman myself, I know first-hand that this can be discouraging. Hence, this book gives you weekly prayers, inspiration, and biblical quotes for meditation all year round.

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