Get ready for your comeback!

“Delay does not mean Denial”
“Defeat does not mean Deseased”

“Agbo to fi eyin rin, agbara l’o l’o mu wa” (Yoruba Adage)
So get ready for your comeback!
Your comeback will be stronger and at a higher level than where you were before
It’ll be the “Comeback of all Comebacks”

Go on…Tell the devil…

Do not mock me
I got greatness inside of me
It must spring forth
I am royalty
I am diadem
I am GOD’S gem
I am the apple of His eye
He will surely lift me up in due time
You thought I was gone…well it’s only a matter of time…I’m coming back stronger than ever before
I am a mover
I am a shaker
I am the offspring of the Lion of the tribe of Judah…Hence, I am a lion!
You’ll soon see me rise!
You’ll soon hear me roar!
I am stronger than a phoenix!
Greatness is inside of me
Wait for it…The epic Comeback☄
In due season!

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