Recite it! Believe it! Become it!

People who carry out evil acts such as terrorist attacks spend several months and years “RECITING” the hatred they’ve created in their hearts towards a group of people/ethnicity/race/nation/religion…they recite it until they “BELIEVE” it, then they believe it until they “BECOME” it (DISCLAIMER: I do not condone any form of terrorism)

My point is…the same approach can be applied…but in a posiitve direction. You can train your mind to believe anything you want it to…so choose to train your mind to do the same with the word of God. Whatever God has spoken to or concerning you, RECITE it until you BELIEVE it, then believe it until you BECOME it!

You are who God says you are
You have what God says you have
You can do what God says you can do
You will do what God says you will do
For greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world!

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