A SHIFT is coming!

Yes, the Holy Spirit said to tell you…do not be afraid of the shift!

Writing to you from the perspective of someone who has had to deal with several seasons of divine shifts…shifts that were comfortable, but mostly uncomfortable…easy, but mostly difficult…voluntary, but mostly involuntary. .
What I have come to realize is that God is always the author of your shifts when you have surrendered and aligned:
Your will with His will
Your wish with His wish
Your dream with His dream
Your plan with His plan

No matter what God is calling you to shift FROM or shift TO this year…
Do not be afraid
Just trust Him
He is the author of the shift
His grace will see you through
He’ll lead you there
He’ll get there before you, and
He’ll back you up!

That’s the omniscient (knowing everything), omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time), and omnipotent (having unlimited power/able to do anything) power of God!

A shift is coming…Be obedient!

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